Paknaz History

Yas Shimi Industries Co., a private joint-stock company, was founded in November1993 with the efforts of a group of senior managers in the detergent and sanitary industry and relying on more than 30 years of experience in this industry. Yas Shimi Co., in pursuit of the success of the service and production mission with the help of expert colleagues and efficient engineers, well-equipped chemical and microbial laboratories, extensive sales and capillary distribution capabilities, has been able to produce its products with “Paknaz” brand in the group of activists in the manufacturing industry, taking health care products and take a long step towards serving the individual and social health of the community.


  • Increasing customer satisfaction by identifying and meeting their needs and improving the quality and quantity of products
  • Increasing the level of knowledge and awareness and empowerment of employees as the most valuable assets of the organization
  • Increasing the quality level of manufactured products
  • Laying a suitable bed for optimal use of resources and increasing production efficiency
  • Increasing the company's share of domestic and foreign markets


  • Entering to the list top 5 companies in the field production of detergent and sanitary products
  • Entering to the list of companies active in the field of export of detergents and sanitary products
  • completing the family's basket and meeting their needs
  • Production of environmentally friendly goods with respect for nature
  • Innovation and creativity in the production of detergent and sanitary products with the best quality
  • CRM development, customer orientation, customer club and 24-hour accountability
  • Dynamic job creation, attracting and developing talented, creative and specialized workforce